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The 'Digital Savvy Recruiter' Course > Using smart digital tactics to become a richer and more successful recruiter

This 6 week online course is designed for recruiters & HR professionals. It is time to stop being overwhelmed by the choices and options available for digital, stop procrastinating and start to make positive changes to your business. We live in a digital world so there are no more excuses.

By doing this 6 week course you will:

….. stop being frustrated and starting making progress

….. you can focus on what is important to their audience

….. you can spend time where it is needed most

….. you know what channels to focus on

….. you have tools to make it faster and easier

….. you will attract the ideal clients rather than trying to be everything to everyone

….. you can build their profile to grow their business

 and you will stop being overwhelmed by digital and start to see results!!

Course Curriculum

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What's included?

5 Videos
22 Texts
33 Presentations
Tanya Williams
Tanya Williams
Course Creator & Chief of Everything

About the instructor

After 20 years in Marketing, working with some of Australia’s leading brands, Tanya discovered her true passion as a Tradigital Strategist and now works with recruiters & HR professionals to help them become digitally savvy.

Her ability to seamlessly integrate traditional and digital marketing is a true innovation, and in 2014, she launched Digital Conversations. She passionately supports, educates and creates digitally savvy brands and is the go-to-girl for all things digital and marketing in South East Queensland.

When she's not Chief of Everything at Digital Conversations, or supporting one of her beloved charities, you might find her writing a book, buying shoes or taking care of her fur babies.

Tanya is always learning and believes ambitious people like improvement – “It’s just how we are wired.” 

You might have seen Tanya here;


* Finalist in Small Business Champion Awards in 2017 & 2018

* Women in Business Award FInalist 2017 & 2018

* Ultimate Babe in 2011 for Business Babes Annual Award.

* Invited to participate in MIT Global Entrepreneurs Bootcamp.

Content Creator & Guest Blogger for Smallville, RCSA & various other guest blogs

Or you might have seen Tanya present at one of many workshops, presentations and events on the topic of Digital Marketing. 

You'll find her here:

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